Brawlstars a new eSport Game?

Brawlstars a new eSport Game?
SF on 17 Mai 2022 ·

Dynamic multiplayer action game for androids and smartphones. Exciting 3v3 battles and survival battles! Play solo and with teammates in different modes that last up to three minutes!

During the game, new and improved warriors with cool super skills, magical powers and gadgets can appear! Unlock a new beautiful skin so you can distinguish the picture between many players. Fight on the diverse world map of the Brawl Stars full of secrets!

There are functions to search for or found Brawlstars clubs
Brawlstars has already been included as a game at ESL and other leagues such as a1esports (Austria). It is foreseeable that this game, like Clash of Clans, will gain a foothold in eSports for a longer time.

JEWELRY HUNT (three against three): You have to unite with your teammates on the game team and choose the right tactic that will help you defeat the opposing team. To win you have to find, collect and hold ten crystals. If your brawler is killed, the collected items fail.
SHOWDOWN (both solo and in teams of 2): A battle to the death or victory, fought in the style of the Battle of the Kingdoms. Find different bonuses to increase the parameters for the warrior. Fight alone or at a party with a friend and try together to stay dead in a very brutal war. The survivor will get it all!
BRAWLBALL: Newest mode! Test and show your football skills: victory goes to those who score two goals first.
HEAD MONEY DUEL: Win against enemies to earn stars and don't let them come to you. The victory will be for the team that collects the most stars!
Vault robbery: in this mode you have to organize the protection of Tim's savings and try to hack into the enemy's memory.
SPECIAL EVENTS: limited time in PvE (battles against bosses) and in PvP (battles with other players).
POWERPLAY: Free Rating Game 30 points for a win and 5 for a loss. AT the end of the week, collected points are converted into starting points
Unlock different brawlers and upgrade them with powerful super abilities, magical powers and various special devices. Improve your brawlers and collect cool skins that will make your character unique in the entire gaming community.

In battles you can prove to others that you are superior and thus increase your ranking on local and global winner lists.

The game is constantly updated. With every update there are new brawlers, skins and much more.

The game is free to play.

Starpoints can be earned through the successes and advancement of the brawlers. With star points you can also purchase skins and other optics.

Gold can be found in the boxes which are unlocked through games and achievements. Gold can be used to upgrade brawlers and buy skills.

You cannot earn jewels by playing, but only buy them with real money. With jewels you can unlock new brawlers, buy power point packages and also a brawl pass.

Powerpoints You need power points to level the brawler, a certain number of powerpoints and gold are needed to advance the brawler.

Trophies are only given for victories, 3 to 10 trophies are given for a victory. You progress in the trophy path and get boxes and new brawlers unlocked. The progress in this path only depends on your skill and activity and cannot be accelerated with real money.

According to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, you have to be 9 years of age to download and play Brawl Stars.

The game is particularly popular with very young players and is heavily promoted through Youtubers and streamers
Fight three on three takes place in real-time mode with people from all over the world.
These dynamic battles in multiplayer modes are specially made for mobile phones.
Each warrior has a unique attack technique and a special ability.
Several new events and tournaments every day.
Playable alone or in a team.
The ranking is led by the local and global list of winners.
You can join the society or create your own so you can share advice with another player and fight with them.
The type of warrior changes with different skins.
It is possible to play on the maps created by the players, with the addition of various novelties.
From the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.


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