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[Looking for teams] Tournament 6v6 [PC] High Plat- Low Diamond

Welcome to the Rising League's Official Season One Tournament [PC]. The teams that are in the Discord servers qualify to play here. The season will kick off once 24 teams are established. If you have landed here from a different source and would like to take part, head over to the respective discord server. EU: NA: Current teams and status: Swift Side - Confirmed Team Duality - Confirmed Rage eSports - Confirmed Unravel - Confirmed Instinct - Confirmed Underclock - Confirmed The Six Deady Sins - Confirmed Lakerz - Confirmed Kold Fusion - Confirmed Genetics - Confirmed Rise eSports - Confirmed Blitzkrieg - Confirmed Backyard Blackwatch - Confirmed Under Pressure - Unconfirmed La Horde - Unconfirmed Rules Every match will consist of 4 matches with a 5th one being a tiebreaker. Substitutes are allowed in between matches. Average SR of the teams playing is restricted to 2700 to 3100 SR Game 1 - Assault - Hanamura -Temple of Anubis Game 2 - Escort -Route 66 -Watchpoint: Gibraltar Game 3- Hybrid -Kings Row -Hollywood Game 4 - Control - Ilios -Lijiang Tower Game 5 - Control (Tie Breaker) -Nepal -Oasis The winner of the EU teams will play the Winner of the NA teams. The two losing EU and NA teams will also play against each other. The winner of the final match gets - 1st Place The loser of the final match gets - 2nd Place The winner of the losing games - 3rd Place The loser of the losing games - 4th Place


Game: Overwatch
System: PC
Preferred Date: 26th Feb
Name to add: xDExtazie


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