Light-weight Scrimfinder

We use a simple engine without registration and whole power of our large networks to create large range for your scrim searches.


Scrimfinder was built with ES6, the new major JavaScript release which enables us writing cleaner and better code.

Large Network is a lightweight and simple solution but we use Databases of our large Networks for full scale of Scrim Ads.

Super-Fast UI

Light-wight design and code, just scrims nothing else. It was handcrafted to be as fast and lightweight as possible.

Custom JS APIs

Powerful JavaScript APIs are included. Layout or blocks manipulation is just a JS call away.

Retina Ready

User Interface looks crispy clear on high resolution screens.


Carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich your project with great functionality.

Fully Responsive

User Interface auto adjusts and looks great to any screen size.

Easy listing

Just fill the "Add Scrim form" and save your hash code on your pc