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New World failed to break the top online record in open beta

SF on 14 Sep 2021 · 9 Mon.

The open beta test of the MMORPG New World has recently started. According to the Steam Charts service, the online peak was 141,000 people. The last record, 200,000 simultaneous players, could not be broken by the title. Then there was a closed beta....


Valheim Server & LFG

SF on 10 Mär 2021 · 1 Year Bild Quelle: Valheim Screenshot

After the introductory cutscene you appear in a stone circle in the middle of the huge 10th world of Valheim. Remember this place because in the future you will have to bring trophies from bosses here. First Networks are rising Valheim LFG functi....


CoD Clans looking for new eSport Announcement

SF on 03 Mär 2021 · 1 Year Bild Quelle: Activision Press Kit

Insider Tom Henderson, known for leaks in the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, spoke about the development of another previously unannounced game. Henderson stated that the zombie project is part of the Call of Duty franchise but will be a stand....


Brawlstars a new eSport Game?

SF on 03 Feb 2021 · 1 Year

Dynamic multiplayer action game for androids and smartphones. Exciting 3v3 battles and survival battles! Play solo and with teammates in different modes that last up to three minutes! During the game, new and improved warriors with cool super ski....


Diabotical is now part of Epic

SF on 09 Jan 2021 · 1 Year Bild Quelle: Presskit: Epic

The makers of the online shooter arena Diabotical announced the transition to the Epic Games Store. Originally the novelty was supposed to appear on Steam, you could buy it there for 10-15 dollars. However, when an exclusive agreement was made, the ....


Rogue with new Logo

SF on 06 Jan 2021 · 1 Year

In anticipation of the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Spring Split, Rogue has updated its logo. Information on this was published on Twitter. The brand image received several visual differences, but not completely changed. The logo ....

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash is back!

SF on 23 Dez 2020 · 1 Year

We have activated again. There were several attempts, but changing technical requirements and data protection regulations had prompted us to concentrate on our core tasks and LFG networks and to take satellite websites offline for the....